Oktoberfest NEW 
Germany, Austria, Slovakia
19 minutes
Rainbow Nation Safari  
South Africa and Victoria Falls
26 minutes
Any Porto In a Storm
18 minutes
Land of Lava, Waterfalls and Glaciers
17 minutes
Rainforest Nature Nation
Costa Rica
14 minutes
Tulips that Yodel
Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland
30 minutes
My Pub Runneth Over Too
Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland
21 minutes
North and South Kiwi
New Zealand Epic
25 minutes
Dracula's Neighborhood
The Balkans:
Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia,
Croatia, and Slovenia
28 minutes
Vikings, Tivoli and Trolls  
Denmark, Sweden and Norway
25 minutes
Napoleon Slept Here
28 minutes
32 minutes
Manatees "R" Us
37 minutes
Gamelan, Garuda, and Ganesh
Bali and Java
37 minutes
Land of Milk and Chutzpah
Israel and Jordan
44 minutes
What the Sultan Saw
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer in Turkey
43 minutes
Lava Luau
41 minutes
Gondola with the Wind
Italy and Eastern Europe
46 minutes
Pyramid Hopping in Central America & Mexico
42 minutes
Kangaroo from Kakadu
Australian Wildlife Safari
43 minutes
The Last Emperor's Home Video
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer Discovers China
43 minutes
My Pub Runneth Over
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
46 minutes
From Flamenco to Fez
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer in Spain, Morocco, and Portugal
32 minutes
Copa Havana
28 minutes
Dancng with Lemurs
21 minutes
Mayavision Dos
Chiapas, Mexico
18 minutes
Maple Leaf National Parks
The Canadaian Rockies
20 minutes
Don Corleone's Island
Sicily and Malta
22 minutes
Castles of the Rising Sun
33 minutes
Tango and Samba Falls
Argentina and Brazil
23 minutes
Neon Nights
Las Vegas
31 minutes
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer On Safari
Kenya & Tanzania
64 minutes
Gringo in the Galapagos
Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands
42 minutes
Dances With National Parks
South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah & Arizona
58 minutes
King Tut, Ramses and Me
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer Time Travels in Egypt
48 minutes
I Follow Apollo
50 minutes
Gondola With the Wind 2
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer is All Over Italy
38 minutes
Polar Bear Pueblo
New Mexico and Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
27 minutes
There's Something about Penguins
Antarctic Adventure
23 minutes
The Inca Lost and Found
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer Searches Peru
for Andean Musicians; Featuring Machu Picchu
25 minutes
Ho Asked Me to Go
Cambodia, Thailand,
Viet Nam, Laos
41 minutes
India and Nepal
India and Nepal
66 minutes
Berlin and Paris
58 minutes
Tsar Trek
Russia and the Baltic States
46 minutes
The Whale's Tale
'Friendly California Gray Whales in Baja California
14 minutes
The Best of Alaska
58 minutes
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